Cone-driven synaptic response in a horizontal cell during a paired whole-cell recording. Depolarization of a cone gates voltage-gated Calcium channels, allowing calcium influx (ICa), which triggers fusion of glutamate-filled synaptic vesicles. The glutamate evokes a post-synaptic excitatory current in the horizontal cell by activating AMPA-type receptors.

See Van Hook & Thoreson 2013, JoVE

Differences in rod- and cone-driven EPSC kinetics measured in a single post-synaptic horizontal cell. After recording synaptic responses in a cone-HC paired recording, the pipette was removed from the cone and a new pipette was used to establish a recording from a nearby HC while maintaining a voltage-clamp recording from the horizontal cell. See Van Hook & Thoreson 2015, Physiological Reports.

Paired whole-cell recording of a cone (yellow) and horizontal cell (pink) in salamander retinal slice.

A video summary of our recent paper published in The Journal of General Physiology

Van Hook Lab

Calcium imaging in a single rod in a horizontal slice of a salamander retina. The rod was loaded with the calcium-sensitive dye Fluo5F and calcium influx was triggered by a depolarizing step (from -70 mV to -25 mV).

See Van Hook & Thoreson 2014. Synapse.


A complete list can be found here.

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*Cover illustration  *Highlighted in "Generally Physiological*Video summary.

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